Sunday, June 8, 2008

Isn't this Glorious?!

So I thought I would take a blog and just share some pictures! I don't really have have a lot of time to right about my week today but I thought I would share some pictures of the last few days and the great fun that we had! The views from the rides are amazing! This is one of the rides that I went on, on friday with the guests and then later that night Dallas and I had fun next to the fire with the pups! We were way tired as you can tell in one of the photo's! Although later that night we started roping and let me tell ya, I wish I could have gotten it on tape! It was hilarious! Maybe I'll be lucky next week and I'll have a video for you! Then there's a bonfire not "bombfire" that we went to on the ranch on Saturday night and dallas and I both had rips in our pants but on oppposite sides so we thought we would take a shot of it! Then there's a pic of some of our girls from the Branch that showed up! All in all is was a really fun week! I had some really good girl heart to hearts with some of the other workers and learned a lot about myself this week! I had some awkward situations with some boys, but they were easy to get out of, and then I had a ton of fun with the guests that stayed as well, so the whole week really balanced out! This next week is going to be fun! We have 17 guests and 10 of them are kids so its going to be a crazy ride this week! So be prepared for some more fun pictures, that is if I get anytime to whip it out and snap a few!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Happiness, Friendship, and Hope

" The Grand essentials of all happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for." Allan K. Chalmers
Something to do, Something to Love and Something to Hope For! Do we all have those three things? Do we all have something to do? If you answer that no, your wrong, we all having something in this life, day to day we have to do. It may not be fun, it may not be important, or it may be great, but not matter what we usually have something to do! In my case I have something to do everyday, all day with this job! There's never a dull moment, and trust me some times I wish there was! I'm not gonna lie i've snuck in a short nap or two!;) But all in all, i'm extremely busy from sun up to sun down and when my head it's the pillow everynight after studying my scriptures and learning something new from them that inspires me to look forward to the next day, and pray to our father in heaven for the strength to go on to the next day, and thank him from all of the many blessings, and thank him for the things I have been given to do I am happy!
Then we ask they question do we have something or someone to love? We all have passions, hobbies, significant others, crushes, animals, family, this beautiful world, we all have something we have once loved, and still love! I could probably have a list several pages long of things I love or have loved! Most of us love someone else, and we give that love to them because it makes us happy, and we do those things we love, because it makes us happy. Without love, there couldn't be happiness.
Then theres something to hope for, now, I have hope, without hope we couldn't have faith right? Hope brings in faith, and when we have hope, and we believe and trust that what we hope for will come true, the way it should come true we are happy right? At least I hope so! I've hoped for many things, and still do, more then ever now I believe and that without this hope that I have for many different things in my life I wouldnt have happiness. If we couldn't hope, life would be so pointless right? So, I'm thankful for hope, and what it brings to all of our lives. Always have hope!

Ok ok, so on to my fun and crazy week i've had up at the ranch! I know it's been two weeks but I did right a post on youtube with a song and well it didn't post and well, i'm kinda sad cause it was amazing! But, maybe it just wansn't suppose to be read!

So this week we have been getting the ranch ready for the guests to come! I know you probably want to see what it looks like and I haven't taken any pictures yet because well, its muddy and rainy and hence the random stuff were doing in these pictures! But soon I promise! As far as work, well it hasn't been that bad! No fence building so far! YES! Well I kinda got out of it with a little experience this last thursday!'s the story......We were planning to have a bunch of friends from the branch to come up and have a bomb fire before all the guest start arriving and dallas and I had planned to bbq chicken and made potatoe wedges and pasta and green beans....Yum! and it was smelling soooo good, and everything was pretty much ready and then Elisabeth calls, one of the girls I work with and Natalie, from home and who's working with me as well, and they said they need some help moving some cattle so I go ask Heidi, who runs to go, and then Elisabeth calls again, and needs I go and then get out there and I was like WOW we need horses, this is way to many cattle and way to much ground to cover on our own! So I call Dallas and she catches two horses, saddles em up and rides out. Then I get a call from one of the guys that's coming out Blaine and asks if we need help so him and a couple other people drive out and by that time we have the cattle in but we have a few straglers so Dallas tells me to hop up on A.J one of the horses and we'll go get them. So all our friends are watching and I get ready to get on and tell em to meet us back firepit! So i'm walking along and decide to take of and kick him and oh my bad bad bad idea! I went for a little bronco ride i'll tell you what! I think that I might not be able to have children and I need to ride with a neck brace so that I don't get whiplash agian! Yeah, it was embarrassing. I stayed on for 6 or 7 pretty good bucks, but that was probably because my foot was caught in the sturrip and well, i couldnt exactly get off until it cam unstuck, which I have no idea how it did, but Im so thankful cause that horse didn't stop bucking for like 4 minutes! Oh man! fun stuff! Although I did get back on! That's how true cowgirls do it! Then we got the cows, had or bonfire, went to bed and yeah I took the next day off, i was a little sore and couldn't do anything so I came down to rexburg and spent the day with my mom and it was fun!

So, then this weekend I was able to go 4-wheeling with a bunch of friends and oh my goodness, so much fun! It was true blue 4-wheeling and i've never had so much fun on a 4-wheeling before and I hope we get more chances to go out and do it agian! We roasted hot dogs over the fire and had smores, it was a great relaxing day! We also got to do a service project with our branch planting pine trees up in Swan Valley for a couple hours and that was a blast as well! Being in nature it so amazing. The feelings of peacefulness and the revelations you can get from them is amazing! Whenever you get a chance to be out there go and so it! Just spend a couple minutes just to relax and think about all that you've been given and pray to heavenly father and im positive it will be no matter what a great experience! I love it and i'm so thankful that I can have everyday to wake up and be outside, riding horses, fixing fence, meeting new people, and working with great people in nature, in some of the beautiful country around! I don't know what I would be doing right now if I didn't have this job, but all I know is that this job no matter what as already changed me! Im looking forward to many more experiences and i'm sure that will happen fast! I hope everyone else has had a fun week and has been able to feel happiness in there lives. If you ever get down, go find a rope swing and swing around, or feed a baby calf, or go out for a night with your friends, i'm sure it will bring nothing but happiness to your lfie!

"Oh and make sure you ride a white horse when it's raining and pose for the camera! At least if will bring some laughs to your friends when they don't tell you for several hours!"