Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's Been CRAZY!

"The difference you make in someone else's life will always be smaller than the difference it will be in your own"

So, basically life has been way more crazy then I really thought it was going to get! The Ranch really took over a lot of time this summer and I'm excited to say this next Thursday will be my VERY LAST DAY! YAY! It's great to see the end So much closer then it was! I'm more excited because now I'll finally have this chance to really focus on ME! I won't lie the last few months have been probably some of the hardest that I think I have gone in life. Making decisions really that will affect overall the happiness in my life forever. I've said a lot of "Good Bye's" to a lot of different people and things also in my life that I didn't want to and that I did want to. I've felt like in the last few weeks I've grown so much. But there is a lot of people that I have to thank for showing me what there is worth fighting for in this life to be happy and for what I should see in my future. I will admit I was kind of walking with a thin vellum type veil over my face, thinking that I saw everything perfectly, although I wasn't. I had some amazing examples from people whom I will Forever be greatful for. They will always have a special place in my heart for all that they have done, or said or even just gave of there time to spend with me. They don't know who they are, and I know someday they will. I've tried my best to let them know, but I don't think they really do know untill they are ready to know! So back to a good happy note, I'll be writing on her much more! I've had so many amazing experiences that last few months as well as just this past week that there is no way that they are going to go unknown about by others! As well, I've been at education week the last few days and have gotten many many books and then have written probably 5o pages of notes from some amazing lessons! I've also just had some great experiences with just my own testimony growing in ways I never thought it would and strengthing by some awesome things! I can't wait to share them all with you! If you know me and have been in my life lately you know how crazy it really has been and how I have had to make some of toughest decisions..and don't worry they are still aren't over! YAY! But get ready also, i've been collecting some pretty amazing recipes and books and magazines that are going to make you drool and if I can perfect my skill of food picture taking then you will die to make what I show before you! :) Oh and as well thousands of pictures from this summer that I have yet to post also! If will be a little crazy for a while but It will also be fun for me to recap on all of it as well! I hope my memories and stories and life experiences touch someone as they have touched me! Have a GREAT week everyone! See ya soon! :-)