Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Wow, Life has been so extremely overwhelming, exciting, slow, crazy, fun, boring and perfect all at the same time I don't even know where to start! One I feel bad for not writing sooner. So many things have been going on in my personal life I just didn't have time to even think about getting on. That seems to happen a lot to people in the blogging world I've noticed!
Well, Some brand spankin new GREAT news! I have been searching for a job, not really hard, but hard enough cause i'm barely getting enough to pay for my cell phone bill working at my dads that it started to become a one night staying up 5 extra hours to email every add I found! And guess what, I think I just scored an AWESOME job! ;-)
There's a family from the UK that is moving to Rexburg and the husband is a Captian of a sea company and the mother is a art seller and is opening her own business here. They have 2 girls i'll be taking care of, 3 yr and 7yr old! They sound like a crazy busy family to work for, but at the same time i'm ready for an adventure, and this sounds like it. It may take over more time then I am planning, but since they are in rexburg, it doesnt make me have to move or be gone from family and boyfriend and animals! Hopefully they will be a lot of fun, and i'll learn things from them and they'll learn from me. Who know's maybe it will help me to become an even greater mom and homemaker! YAY! I'll keep ya posted on how that goes, I won't start till the end of this month though so I have a few weeks still to just have fun! Oh by the way, i'll be making really good mula! I'll be able to save and make my future even brighter!
Speaking of being fun, I'll have to start reading all my moms books and magazines and buying some to find all the cool things me and the girls can do together! I feel like I just scored a GREAT job that hopefully, I'm praying with be a great job and experience for me and won't interfere though with relationships and stuff!
So, to the promise part of my post.....I have felt that I have made SOO many promises to myself, others, and heavenly father, that its time to REALLY live those promises. I've seen so many break so many of them and it breaks my heart, just as much as my heart breaks when I myself break one. So I thought, what better then to write some of my promises down here so that all of you can know, and that I can be better at keeping them! So here are a few that i'm going to work on (there kinda like goals that im promising myself to do)!
* I Promise to EAT HEALTHY
*I Promise to Exercise DAILY
*I Promise to Pray Morning and Night
*I Promise to Read My Scriptures Daily
*I Promise to take an Institure class in Winter
*I Promise to Spend time with my Horses Everyday
*I Promise to stay close to all friends, writing, calling and hanging out with
*I Promise to Be Thankful EVERYDAY for everything I have been Given
*I Promise to Love my Family
*I Promise to be honest with everyone about my Feelings
*I Promise to be Trustworthy
*I Promise to Not Lie
*I Promise to Work Hard and Enjoy It
*I Promise to Read More
*I Promise to Learn More
*I Promise to Go to the Temple Someday
*I Promise to Have an Eternal Family
*I Promise to Someday Be a Great Mom
*I Promise to attend FHE and other activites or do my own
*I Promise to Spend time with family
*I Promise to Have Fun
*I Promise to be Adventerous
*I Promise to Promise I will do All The above and Continue to add as I can think of them!
I know, kinda random..but Just remember if you see me to remind me, have you done your promises!!! What are some things you promised to yourself?! Its fun, but don't get stressed out, just have fun with it, and if you dont get to one, one day, just keep going and get to it the next day! Love you all and I promise to write on here at least twice a week from now on!