Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fra Diavolo Shrimp

Yesterday I made this Yummy dish called Fra Diavolo Shrimp on Taste & Tell It was really good! I had three friends over, Courtney, Kayla and Heidi and and they all loved it! It for sure is going to be a dish that will be a regular for me! I'll make it for sure when my parents get back as well as for Jordan! I Have had a crazy last week, plus didn't have any interenet service in cali so I was MIA for a while, but i'm back! I'll get some pics up from thanksgiving soon! It was a really fun week that went by way to fast! I've been doing really good this week as well starting the whole diet thing! I cleaned out the whole fridge and went shopping to get some healthy stuff and I've been feeling great! Plus I have the week to myself to get on a roll! well I gotta get to work but try this! Its awesome! Even with some toasted sourdough bread! YUM!

Go Check it out @ Taste & Tell: