Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Still In Florida.....

Greeting's All!!!...So I've been in Florida since the 15th-16th, it tooks us 5 days, 4 nights to get here but so far being here as been so worth it...the drive here was well..let me say interesting...but all in all being here as really given me a really good perspective on life and right now I want to thank all of the people that have helped me be able to go on this trip! It truelly is one that I'm never going to forget! I have taken over 300 pictures so far so be ready for some fun pics! We've done soo much as well as just relaxed as well, but I will probably get some jet-lag coming home! We are going to be at the airport tomorrow 1 am here but 11pm in Idaho, then our plain leaves at 5:20am we have two lay overs, one is charollette and one in phenoix and then we get to salt lake, where my mom is picking courtney and I up, and then...we head back to rexburg! It will be a long day, and it will be great to be back home agian and start doing normal life stuff, like working out which I horribly actually miss a ton! But, as soon as I get back, get ready for some fun pics and fun stories about my trip!
Oh and some exciting news...I got a job for sure being a Nanny...DON'T WORRY..it's not scam this time! I met the little girls and mom and LOVE THEM to death, so for sure I have a job when I get back with them, but a friend of mine, Hiedi, told me that Eagle Ridge is hiring two wrangles for the summer, and for those of u that don't know, its in Island Park, and it used to be known as Jacob's Island Park Ranch, and I worked there every summer, well helped out, and then I really did live on my own and work up there with my friend melody too from california and LOVED IT! I really ulimatly wanted to work up at a ranch this summer, and this one is by far my choice out of all of them, well because its like my home away from home! I LOVE IT! but I emailed the Daltons, whom our family and i am very close to because there son Daniel served his mission in our hometown in Cali and he told us that his family was taking over management of the ranch, so I am so freakin excited that they emailed me back telling me to come up this weekend and meet with them and check everything out and see if i can work up there this summer! My friend Hiedi is coming up to because she is looking for a place to work as well because she wan't to stay in Idaho too..oh she's from Kansas!!!! But everything pray for me, I really really want this job, i think it would honestly be the best thing for me right now..but no matter what i have another job if it doesn't work, but this would be by far my choice! So i'll probably know more in the next few weeks but YAY!!!!!!! Just wanted to let you all know! We'll I'm going to get back to having some fun...I'll talk to you all soon! LOVE YA ALL TONS! -EM

Thursday, March 5, 2009

When I Find Him, He Should.....Beginning Part 1

"Love should create an "us" without destroying "me"."

What I Look For When I think of the Man of My Dreams.......

So, I've decided to start a series of things that I look for in my future spouse, what I believe love should be and how I feel I should be shown love and so forth. I decided it randomly today when I was working out, watching couples and watching movies seeing things that effect me and things that repulse me. And I am a romantic at heart and why not talk about love, since I love well Love!

So this is what I want men to know...You have it all wrong, you dont understand all the qualities we want and need, and you seem to market yourself as something totally different then what we need and want as well. Of course every girl wants a guy that is attractive right, but we aren't as into looks and money as you think that we are. SO, stop trying to impress us girls with materilistic things and listen up to this..... here I will start to explain qaulities I want............
This is one of the most important characteristics to have. I don’t want to waist my time wondering if you’re cheating on me. And I want you to be clear on your interest in me. I don’t want to play games.
Who doesn’t like a person that’s hard working? A man that is lazy is not one I’d like to date. I enjoy a man who enjoys his job and has goals and a vision for his career path. It’s okay if you’re not where you’d like to be in your career as long as you are working toward a goal. A man that places importance on his job and his future always gets my attention. A big turn-off is a man who has trouble holding down a job. That signals a red flag for me.
Some of the best relationships I had were with men who were funny. I love dating a guy who knows how to make me laugh. Life can be so serious at times. It’s great to be able to let loose and laugh a bit. This characteristic comes in handy when you’re going through a rough time. There have been many occasions that laughter has picked my mood up during hard times.
I like to be able to count on my man at all times. I need to feel that you will be there for me even when we go through troubled times.
Some say that opposites attract. However, in my opinion that can’t be further from the truth. Women like men who share the same ideas and values. We like our men to have the same thoughts as us on politics, religion, having babies, etc…Without sharing the same vision, it’s not worth engaging in a long standing relationship.
K, so these are just a few random but VERY VERY important characteristics and qaulities I and I know most girls look for in a guy...So next time I post about this I will give some more! Feel free ladies that read my blog to give some stuff on how you feel about qaulities of your man or one you are looking for or a good example! And guys...you can always but in as well! There's nothing better then a guys opinion! ;-) Well, I better get back to work, but feel free to comment and I'll be back with plenty more parts to this new subject! ;-) It is one of my favorites!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

In The End, We Make Things Right Agian.....

In life, I don't know what will happen. We can plan things, hope for things, even do things, but we do not know what the future holds. We have to leave it to him, who knows only what is in store for us. I don't understand sometimes why certian feelings come and then go, and sometimes I don't know how I did things in the past and I don't know how there going to benifit to me in the future, but I do know that i'm on a track that hopefully is right, that will lead me to what I hope is what is for me. We all wonder what we came here for, what we need to accomplish and if it will be good enough and sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't, and life is about making mistakes. We wouldn't learn anything if we didn't. Sometimes as well, we think we are doing exactly what we are suppose to be doing and then one day it just doesn't. How do we explain that to all that is around us? How do we explain loving someone and then having to let them go because you know if doesn't feel right?! I don't.....But.....I do know that when we come to these crossroads in life, if it is either something we do or do not want to do, we will find happiness and be blessed for every good step we take. Everytime we listen to the Holy Ghost and do what is right in the eyes of the Lord, we will be blessed. My bishop taught me this last sunday that we cannot not be blessed for doing right. If we aren't then God wouldn't be a God. He has to give us blessings, and he is the only one who knows that we truely did right, and he is the only one that can. It was interesting to to find out that He knows even if we will do wrong agian, and he still has to give us a blessing. Just as he knew that Judah was going to betray him, he still gave him blessings because he obeyed and was worthy of them. He couldn't sit there and be like "well he's going to betray me, so why should I give him a blessing?" He had to, because he is God and he wouldn't be if he didn't obey the laws himself. I thought that to be really powerful to me. It gave me a really good outlook ok doing good and making the right choices and recieving blessings. I thought about it the last two days, thinking, "What if I was him, and I knew all, and I had to give blessings, and knew that those would betray or make the wrong choices, that would be hard, but if I myself had never not betrayed and fallen and always followed the laws to be the person I was, I would understand, just as he does." Kinda crazy thinking but it got my brain going so it was a good thing.
I just know that no matter what happens today, tomorrow or even what happened in the past, we will be alright. We will get through the rough patches, we will come out happy and overall, if what we are living and searching for is eternal life and happiness, it will be ours if we follow the laws and commandments. I know this to be very true, and it is the one thing as well that will get us through this crazy life we have, and even though sometimes we feel like we can't, that day you do, you will be surprised, and you will thank him for everything, and will not turn back agian.