Thursday, April 2, 2009


So, last night I had a really random, sad dream. I don't really understand how I have them but sometimes its when I am just really relaxed and others are when i've had to take a sleeping aid cause I have problems falling asleep. Anyways, I had a dream about these two sweet puppies. These are pictures from our Florida trip. Two from driving and the other two while in Pheonix watching Courtney's sister Bridgette's soccer game. The one above is "Spud" and the one below is "Barley" Basically..Spud is courtney's and Barley got attached to me, but is for my other friend Dallas, Courtney's other sister. But, besides the fact that I LOVE them both and wished and prayed that I could keep Barley, they LOVE florida and LOVE their new family!

So, Here's the dream in the bits that I do remember it. We were giving these two adorable puppies away, and we met a the church, which was the church I used to go to in california, and I remember the place and everything so well, I knew it was there. Anyways, these people came and got them in this huge explore or expedition, I don't really know, but anyways, the pups didn't want to leave, and well we didn't want them to go, but what happened next was, they had this door that was slanted and somehow I freaked, but everyone was don't worry they'll be fine...well I had this not good feeling in my stomach and wanted to drive down the road to make sure they didn't jump out, and well to my horror, spud was on the road first, we went the opposite direction as them, and he was well, gone, and so by then i'm bailing and freaking out, like everyone would know I would act, and well we couldn't see Barley until someone was like "there she is in the grass." I ran out to her and she was still alive but there was blood everywhere and it looked like one side of her was just mushed. All I remember after that is that they both lived, they both grew up and were both extermely beautiful dogs and everything was happy.........

K, I know really weird! I just don't understand dreams sometimes. All I know is that these puppies are safe! In florida, and will not be going to any new home anytime soon! Oh man, it was weird.

So, if any of you had any weird dreams like me, let me know, so I know I'm not the only strange one here! ;-) Although, with my luck I am! I miss these pups and going out to see them every morning or night out with the horses, but one thing that it did show me is that I AM NOT ready for another pup just yet! I hope everyone has had a wonderful day! I am going in a few hours to meet with Kim and her girls and meet the boys because tomorrow I start the first day of watching them! WOOHOO! Also tomorrow I find out about the ranch! We'll see, and I know no matter what I will be doing the best thing and the right thing for myself at this time! Oh, and i'll be posting Florida pic's soon! Love you All!


Christie said...

Weird Dream Em...remember when you told me about the dog that was ran over in front of you? I wonder if that ended up in your dream somehow. Crazy dream.

I want to see more photos of FLORIDA!

Anonymous said...

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The American Homemaker said...

I have a lot of odd dreams :( I sometimes put them into a dream analysis site online. It's pretty interesting what it comes up with and usually it's pretty right on.