Sunday, August 30, 2009

For The Beauty Of The Earth

So today I woke up and had time to go out and spend a few minutes with my four horses that are here instead of up at work. While I was driving out, on Sunday's I always listen to "The Sounds Of Sunday" on one of our local radio stations and a talk came on about this lady who took a whole summer to live in the middle of nowhere, of course where it is beautiful, and enjoy the beauty of the earth. She started with first using the fresh water from rain since there was no well or running water in the house. Then she had to use propane instead for cooking and lighting since there was no electricity. Now, I know all of us can't spend a whole summer out of our busy lives to just go enjoy the earth, this beautiful, amazing earth God has created for us, but we need to each day savor just a bit of it. Today as I was driving out I watched the Blue sky with the white fluffy pillow looking clouds and it just instantly made me happy. Then I thought about the sun, and how when I got out of the car I Instantly felt warm. I looked around after I turned the horses out and was playing with the cats how beautiful it was. The fields of green, alfalfa, corn, and gardens full of flowers surround our property. The sound of the water running near our property from the river that is just right around the corner. The yellow fields freshly plowed of wheat and barley. The birds chirping and flying about. This earth is SO beautiful. God has blessed us so amazingly that I think sometimes we just take advantage of it. I know I do at times. I hope each of you can take a little time out of each day, either in the morning, or afternoon, or even gaze at the moon and starts at night, and be thankful to be blessed in such a beautiful world. I am so blessed right now to have one more week to spend up in Island Park. The wildlife is AMAZING, and the wildflowers are slowly dwindling, but I still love the smell, the pine trees, the sage brush, the birds and squirrels. It all is just so amazing and I am thankful for every minute that I have left in it! Take time to listen to the song "for the beauty of the earth" by the tabernacle choir or your favorite composer and listen to the words as you bask in this amazing world we have.

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Christie said...

What a beautiful post Emilee. Thank you for reminding me to enjoy the beauty around me.