Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hello World....AGAIN!!!!

Ok, I Know...I am a procrastinator!!! Well, not really. I just have been busy! Life is really good though lately...To keep you up to date, I am living in Island Park, Idaho. I live on a ranch and take out guided horse rides 4 times a day and it pretty much like everyone says, is a vacation job, with the bonus of a REALLY good pay! ;-) But, sad story, I only have two weeks left! So....that means, I get to start blogging more agian because I will know have interenet ALL the time! ;-)! We don't get any service in our little bunk house but I do get it in the office, when i'm there! But all in all, this summer has been really awesome! I'll post a few pictures that I have and will post some more this next weekend or sooner or later when I get the time! ;-) Other then that things are way way awesome! ;-)
I have so much planned once I move home around labor day! My sister christie from "Pretty Paper Blog" moved up here to good ol' idaho with her husband, two kids, dog and cat, and I am SOOO happy about it, since I LOVE hanging out with my sister and my mom its gonna be awesome. We can scrapbook, quilt, cook, workout, hangout, watch girlie flicks and read all our books and just be close! I Love having family being so close, its my FAVORITE! But, thats some exciting news, then I have SERVERAL friends planning weddings, and hopefully soon mine! :-) (Nothing official yet, don't get to excited, but its me hoping ;-) ) So wedding bells are in the air EVERYWHERE so its going to be fun planing and being in all of this fun weddings! Also, I will be hopefully going to the temple soon, which is one of my BIGGEST goals this year, and I am so at peace and feel SO much joy in my life, and I LOVE my ward and all the girls and guys that are in it. EVERYONE is so talented and spiritual that it makes me want to be a better person as well as share all the talents and knowledge they have as well! Then all of us girls and some of us guys are on healthy workout kicks, so theres going to be much more working out, then eating out! ;-) So that will mean more pics of food and yummy meals and recipes for you all as well! But all in all, It just is a great time! I have so many goals and things that I want to do and its just going to be awesome! Oh, and I may be starting to watch the two little girls and two boys I watched this spring agian too so i'll be having some way fun crafty ideas as just get set, cause we are going to be going all out this fall...nothing's going to stop me now!!!!!
ANYWAYS.......Here's some quick pictures to share!

( Mamma and Baby Moose right before turning on the road to the ranch about 7am)

(Banita! The daltons ex barrel racer now trail guide sporting the cowboy clown look)

(On my way up on night to Island Park right before hitting Ashton)

(Jordan and I on my Birthday going to Wild West & Playmill)
Like I said I do have TONS more pictures and will post em all soon, but these are some teezers for now! ;-)


Stephanie & Jamie said...

Good to see you are back to blogging! It sounds like things are going great, keep going strong, and you can accomplish anything!

christie said...

Hey Girly!
Thanks so much for the sweet things you said...I hope you know that I am super-excited to be near you too! I can't wait until your back home in Rexburg and we can play, play, play!

Love you oodles and bunches,
Your Big Sis