Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Ok, So lets get this straight! Me + Savings....never been very good at! I'm one of those impulsive, when I have money I wanna spend it kinda people...never the penny pincher, oh this will be so good to, nope, never me!!! BUT...I started thinking more seriously lately about life and money and savings and bills and all that fun stuff and thought to myself "this impulsiveness is not gonna work much longer"! So, I have three more paychecks from this summer job and I decided that I'm going to save some money from each, and then also start saving little amounts no matter where i work and how much I make either too! I need to start cracking down and getting to business! ;-) Plus, once I do eventually get married, things are just gonna pay for themselves, so I believe having a little cushion before should be a good idea right! So i'm on the quest for books, websites, blogs, advice whatever you guys got out there for saving, being frugal, not getting into and getting out of debt (which I am not in but don't want to happen obviously)! So any of you know of anything let me know!

On another note I've been doing a lot of study, scriptures, ensign, church books, sunday school and relief society manuals and all that stuff and have been really craking down and learning SO much! Every morning I wake up with Joy and Peace! I look forward to what is ahead instead of scared or worried..ect.! I just feel that I have gone through so many trials and before thought that it was SO unfair..No I look forward to trials because each one brings me SO much closer to Heavenly Father and so much more straighter on the path as well.

Other then all this great stuff, I gotta get ready for a ride for the day, then i'm off to buy some skor candy bars to make some Chocolate Chip Skor Cookies for Jordan this weekend, so be ready for a post on that! Then, dinner, laundary, shower, study and bed! Then I do it all over again! ;-0


Stephanie & Jamie said...

On my blog there is another blog called Pinching your pennies! They post daily saving. And they have tons of links to other websites and info! I really enjoy it

Emmers said...

Thanks SO SO SO much! ;-)